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Overcome Procrastination – Harness The BIG Idea!

This week I’ve been hot on the trail of creating #TopSecretProject (soon to be revealed!!) with two colleagues who share some common frustrations around networking, workshops and business! It’s been fascinating seeing just how much action is being taken since we came up with the ‘BIG Idea’ in just 3 hours on Tuesday! Do you find you take way more action when you have a big, inspiring idea that you want to create? When was the last time you chose to follow your instincts and create an awesome idea that really had your attention? As small business owners, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the daily doo-doo, procrastinating on all the stuff we 'should do', rather than asking: What would be a game-changer here?

Are Your Foundations Firmly In Place?

Building a business happens with ease when our foundations are in place, but can be a struggle when we are missing the basics. When did you last sit back and take a good look at the castle you have built? Did you check out the foundations while you were at it or did you just admire the shiny turrets and gorgeous environment you have built? Did you look to see if it is getting a little top heavy... are some bits quietly falling over? As business people, we are often full of ideas and there is always the temptation to build castles in the air.