What’s Missing In Your Business?

You know that feeling you get when you know something is missing, but you just don’t know what it is? You ‘should’ be making way more money, but you’re not. You ‘should’ be moving forward faster with your projects, but you’re not. You ‘should’ be engaging with way more people, but you’re not!

When I looked underneath all of the ‘shoulds’ in one of my businesses it came down to one thing. Consistency. I was great at doing lots of the things that were needed to make it work. Occasionally. Randomly. When I felt inspired. When I remembered. When I wasn’t distracted with client projects. And when I looked at the times the business had worked really well, it was when I was doing the business generating and expanding activities CONSISTENTLY!

Most of us have some idea of what to do to create growth in our business. When we first started we figured it out – because it was get it to work or go back to the JOB. Motivation comes from interesting places! And once we had it figured out and the business was moving forward, we got busy with other activities. The actions that sound important, the actions that are required to service our customers. The actions that took us away from the genuinely essential actions.

These are the actions that keep a business running… Somewhere in your business there are some actions missing that make the difference between a thriving business and a surviving business. What are they? It’s different for every business. You know your business model and you know what it takes to keep the engine humming. And if you aren’t sure, that’s your first action – find out!!

If you know what it is, how much attention are you giving to the daily, weekly or monthly actions that keep the engine in tune and humming along effortlessly? If a few things have fallen off the consistency wagon, now is the time to change that.

I know what you are thinking. “If it was easy for me to be consistent with these things I’d be doing it!” Yes, I hear you! Consistency not natural for me either – I much prefer to play with new ideas!! And I’m inviting you to find a way to make it work for you – because you know and I know that when you do these things consistently, your business will grow!

Here are three ways I get myself in the energy of being consistent:
1) Produce in blocks. For example, instead of writing random blog posts because I haven’t posted lately and I need to show up, I’ll write 10 – 15 posts at a time and schedule them in advance. Faster and easier and everyone feels the love!

2) Delegate. There are just some things you’ll never get to. Find someone who is better than you at the task in hand and make it their job to deliver regularly. Make a diary note so you can check the task is being completed.

3) Power Hours. I’ve talked about these before. They are one of my favourite things. Make a list of all those small things that need doing regularly that you just have to do and set aside a daily or weekly power hour. It might be making client appointments, paying your team. Whatever it is that will create more space and more possibilities for the future, schedule it! Some weeks I even have two! Because I know that an hour of priorities each week saves me many more hours down the track. And we’d all like to work less right?

So, this week’s business coaching challenge is to identify at least two things that would make a difference to your business if you did them consistently, and set up a system for getting them done! You don’t need to be the source, you just need a system that works!